Turbotron supports and repairs the following part numbers as well as others. Please contact us for more ABB repair capabilities:

ABB Painting Bell Cups and Air Motors:

3N3403 Gold Air Motor
E3N3403 (exchange unit part number)

1N1319 2N1197-02 TR-SF-WA-BH-SP1 1N1495 1N0848 1N1206 1N1806 2N1959 4N5402 3N1288 1N0185 2N1049 3N1649 1N1495 1N0848 1N2277 1C10044 1C10018 1C0682 1C10020 1C0615 3N1655 TR2-SM-AM TR2-W-AM TR-SM-AM TR-MZ-AM HA-FX23B-20 3N3982 3C2358 3C2296 4N10027 3N3745 3N1999