The following part numbers are repairable with warranty from Turbotron. Ask about others!

Durr Turbine and Bell Cup Repair

Durr Turbines

N21010101 N21010139 N21010152 N21210001 N21210003 N21210004 N16010033 N16010060  N16010037 N16010061 N16010038 N16010062 N16010043 N16010063 N16010044 N16010064 N16010045 N16010065 N16010046 N16210004 N16010047 N16210005 N16010048 N16210006 N16010049 N16210007 N16010050 N16210008 N16010052 N16210009 N16010054 N16210010 N16010058 N16210011 N16010059 N16210012 N31100004 N31100003