We offer precision repair of air bearing turbine for Carlisle brands Ransburg RMA/MMA rotary atomizer robotic applicator OEM part numbers: A12895-00, A12895-01, A12895-02, A12895-04, A12895-05.

All repairs include detailed inspections, high speed balancing, dynamic testing, and a limited warranty.

We can repair even severe damages, including issues addressed by OEM service kit A12951-00 but also for damaged parts not included in service kit. 

Turbine repairs applicable for the following robotic applicators:

Ransburg RMA-570 Robot Mounted Indirect,  Ransburg RMA-560 Robot Mounted Dual Purge Direct, Ransburg RMA-550 FM Approved Robot Mounted Atomizer, Ransburg RMA-580/590 Hybrid Rotary Atomizers, Ransburg MMA-570 Direct/Indirect Rotary Atomizer, Ransburg RMA/MMA Robot Mounted Rotary Atomizers, Ransburg Evolver 560 Robotic Atomizer

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